LK Domain Registration - [.LK Domains]

LankaHost Web Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is an Accredited Agent for the Sri Lankan Domain Names Registry since 2009 and we are managing over 2,500 active LK Domains. LankaHost hold the 1st Position of the LK Domain Registry as an agent.

LankaHost Web Solutions (Pvt) Ltd has been recognized and awarded as the best performing Agent of the Year 2014 by LK Domain Registry at the Agent Convention 2015

LK Domain Registration 12.5% discount

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Domain Pricing

TLD 1 Year 2 Years 5 Years 10 Years
.lk - (Regular Price) Rs 3,450 Rs 6,555 Rs 13,800 Rs 20,700
LANKAHOST PRICE Rs 3,250 Rs 6,100 Rs 13,000 Rs 19,500
CAT1 Rs 5,750 Rs 10,925 Rs 23,000 Rs 34,500
CAT1 LANKAHOST PRICE Rs 5,250 Rs 10,500 Rs 21,500 Rs 32,000
CAT4 Rs 28,750 Rs 54,625 Rs 115,000 Rs 172,500
CAT4 LANKAHOST Rs 27,000 Rs 52,000 Rs 110,000 Rs 160,000
CAT5 Rs 11,500 Rs 21,850 Rs 46,000 Rs 69,000
CAT5 LANKAHOST PRICE Rs 10,500 Rs 21,500 Rs 43,000 Rs 64,000

  • CAT 1 - Top Level .LK domain with all the second level domains (.lk +,,
  • CAT 4 - Two Letter Domain Names and special names. Example,
  • CAT 5 - Three Letter Domain Names and desirable names. Example
  • Special Prices is for the registration only. Renewal price is same as regular price

Above prices are include 15% VAT.

Activation Duration

LK Domains are subjected to review of LK Domain Registry approval board. Most of the domains approve within a working day or two. But sometime it may take 2-3 days which is beyond our control.

Name Server Modifications

Name Server Modifications of LK Domains should submitted through your client area

LK Domain Name Servers are not instantly update. Every modification need to be approve through registry. Therefor it may take 12-24 hours to complete the modification. Changes submitted on weekdays before 4.00 PM get applied on same day. Changes after 4.00 P.M and on weekends/holidays most likely apply on next working day. However sometime changes on weekends also can apply on same day. But not guaranteed.