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Exclusive from LankaHost, new Ecommerce Hosting Packages brings more power to your sites. We understand that running a dedicated server is very much expensive for a small business, but this new Ecommerce hosting packages brings the power of dedicated server in to shared hosting account due to very limited number of sites hosted in the environment and high resource volume it allocated per a site.

Best Performance for Ecommerce Sites
High CPU Power
Extra PHP Memory
Free SSL Certificate
Limited number of sites per server

Sri Lanka Web Hosting Features, Apache, PHP, MySQL, CloudLinux | SPECAIL WEB HOSTING
Supported Software  
Magento Need a ECOM 10 GB or Upper Package
Xen Cart
+ most of PHP Ecommerce Shopping Cart Scripts are Supported.
Special Features  
Powered by LiteSpeed Web Server* (Benchmark Report)
Remote MySQL Access
Web Based SSH Console
NodeJS Support
Malware Scanner
Core Features  
Server Power Limited Number of Sites Per Server
Dedicated Server Xeon® E3-1271
Network 1 Gbps dedicated
Uptime Guarantee 99.99%
Server Time GMT + 5.30 ( Sri Lankan time)
Server Location(s) Singapore / Florida, USA
Web Site Management  
cPanel (Online Demo)
Web Based File Manager
FTP Access
Online Tutorials
Email Accounts 30
BlackBerry Integration
Mobile Access Android / iPhone / Windows Mobile
Web Mail
Spam Protection
E-Mail Forwarders
ClamAV Anti-Virus
SPF and DomainKeys
CloudFlare Support
mod_security Support
Password Protected Directories
IP Deny Manager
Hotlink Protection
Symlink Protection
Account Level Resource Isolation
Other Features  
Number of Hosted Sites 1 in ECOM 5 GB 2 in All other Packages
Domain Alias 10
Backups Three times per week
Off Site Backup (Monthly)
Free backup restore
INODE Soft limit 150,000
INODE Hard limit 200,000
Database Features  
MySQL 5 Databases Unlimited
MySQL Database Wizard
MySQL Remote Access
Account Features  
Softaculous (Free 245+ scripts) Softaculous Demo
Zend Optimizer
Ioncube Loader
Perl,Python, Server Side Includes
Cron Jobs
Zend Framework
Server Software  
Apache Server 2.4.12
PHP Version 7.2 (5.4,5.6,7.0,7.1)
MySQL Version 5.7
System Architecture x86_64 (64 bit)
Server OS CloudLinux OS

FAQ on LANKAHOST Ecommerce Hosting Packages

Question Answer
What are the advantages of Ecommerce Hosting Packages ? Unlike static web site, e-commerce web sites are based on a CMS like OpenCart, Magento ect. It need high CPU and memory to load web sites efficiency. To get high power, you will need to look for a VPS or Dedicated Server. But running a dedicated or Virtual Server is very much expensive. Our Ecommerce hosting is resolution for above issue and we allocated considerable resources for Ecommerce hosting sites. Also we host very limited number of web sites per server. Therefor every site on the environment get high resource allocation.
Can I run any other sites on this hosting ? You are only allowed to run e-commerce and business sites in this hosting. You should not host news web sites, forum, image gallery, Moodle or any other type web sites in this package, In the event we found we are abusing environment, we reserve rights to disable your hosting account.
Can I send newsletters/mass emails ? No, Sending newsletters,bulk or mass emails not permitted in any of our shared hosting package. We have variable hourly email limits which monitor the email usage.